TájGazda® territorial origin protection and certified provincialism traditional farming program and certifying trademark. 

TájGazda® crop system was formed in 2013 and it contains the following:

  • Detailed regional full-scale quality and environmentally aware (cultivation of plants, animal keeping and processing) crop regulations and terms;
  • The realisation method of independent consulting, controlling and correspondence processes;
  • The accredited process of the certifying trademark’s adjudication and usage;

In the scope of implemented profitable farming:

  • firstly ensures perfect quality, marketable and healthy agricultural raw material and processed food;
  • secondly it draws attention to that fact the quality and sanitary safety of food is a basic governmental requirement which is a market category was also certified after the EU regulations on country level;
  • Furthermore it is based on the producer/farmer and consumer’s agreement and also in these cases it is voluntary and entrepreneur compliance-certifying process can be implemented.

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